My Remix Project: A Thread

The text I remixed was a story I wrote entitled “My Side.” The short story is told through both perspectives of a high school couple named Jesse and Veronica. The story is about Jesse discovering that Veronica was cheating on him. It flips back and forth between the two characters – both explaining their side of what was going on. I remixed it by making a Twitter account for Jesse and writing a Twitter thread in his perspective. I chose this text because it was the perfect story to turn into a Twitter thread (similar to the types of stories I would read on actual Twitter threads). It was the perfect outlet to explore Jesse’s character deeper in a much less formal way and bring his character to life.

The purpose of this remix is mostly to entertain. The remix retells the same story in a more modern way. This changes the way people understand and connect with the story because of the way it is told. I think the Twitter thread is more personable. Also, the thread is supposed to be comical whereas the short story is serious.

The primary audience of the remix are individuals who have a Twitter and enjoy reading Twitter threads. The audience is also people who can specifically relate to this story (i.e. have been cheated on, had a bad experience in a relationship, etc.).

This remix has the potential to be circulated by Twitter’s retweet feature and by the use of hashtags. Additionally, it can be spread onto different social media platforms by phone/computer screenshots. I initially found out about Twitter threads by seeing pictures on Instagram because I do not have a Twitter myself, so I believe if people wanted to, they would share it on other sites.