10: Transmedia Storytelling and Steven Universe

Like most of my fellow classmates while reading “Searching for the Origami Unicorn” I was reminded of not a movie or an old TV show but a video. Now I know you may be wondering if I am going to discuss Overwatch again and you’d be completely right. Since Overwatch is the only thing I do when I’m not in class or doing homework. I will always find a way to talk about this game.

A page from the Overwatch online comic

Overwatch is a team based first-person shooter that was released by Blizzard on May 24, 2016. The game was originally meant to be a movie but movies are expensive so a video game was made instead. Overwatch became an overnight sensation and has won numerous awards since it’s release. In one of my prior post I discussed how Overwatch does not have an actual story mode but I did not completely divulge on how we know anything about the twenty seven characters in the game. Due to the games massive success it has been able to produce online comics to allow the players to know more about each of the characters current lives within the lore. Then there’s my personal favorite the animated shorts are a mixed between the current timeline

An Overwatch animated short

and the past which gives the player more insight on why each hero is the way they are and why they fight for who they do. They use these elements to keep the players hooked for hopefully years to come as well as the many updates the game goes through. I believe with all the money they make from people who play the game and the money they make on youtube from the shorts there plan is still to make an Overwatch movie so fingers crossed. However, Overwatch will not be the first video game to make it onto the big screen. But, personally I think it will be one of the best.


However until then the fans wait an excruciatingly long time for new comics or shortsto be release so we can learn more of the lore.

Sombra saying toodles in an Overwatch animated short.

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