9: The Remix That Is Mine

For my remix, I decided to do a video–even though my video editing skills are horrible–using an 1863 book about snowflakes that I found on that public domain website. The authors featured in that text attributed all sorts of heavy symbolic meanings to snowflakes, so I figured it would be fun to compare that to how “snowflake” is used as an insult nowadays. So, I combined pages from the book (complete with my awful voice reading them into an awful mic) and news clips where the word “snowflake” is being used in a degrading way. My point was to mock/critique the way that we, as language-users, attribute arbitrary meanings to words. After all, how can snowflakes carry so much weight? How can they symbolize completely different things, and which one of these representations, if any, is more “correct”?

The final product was created using Shotcut, which is a program that enjoys lagging and crashing frequently. Or maybe that’s just when I use it. Either way, despite the fact that the video may be lacking in quality, hopefully it is vaguely amusing to anyone who decides to watch it. (Wait, is someone besides Dr. Lang actually going to watch it? Please don’t watch it. And if you do, don’t tell me. Let me live and die in ignorance. I don’t want to know that you watched it.)

Here’s the link. I hope. Please tell me this works. Technology and I have a love-hate relationship.


Actually, on second thought, it’s just a hate-hate relationship. We hate each other. And you can tell technology I said that.


Word count: 266 (or something like that)