Bonus Round: Transmedia Project Pitch

The purpose of my project is to contribute to the sociopolitical dialogue on an issue I am personally very passionate about. It is also to help inform youth on the topic and on how they can get involved, and to help show the professional adult public how passionate we are about this topic and how strongly we demand change. The audience is the aforementioned parties, as well as those who just want to know more about the issue and also want to participate in the dialogue. I want to give them an additional platform to do so.

I am planning on creating a website using Wix as a hub for all of the content I will be creating and gathering. In addition to creating my own text for usage in this project, I will be accumulating existing resources and information from reputable sources, who will be credited appropriately. This will be done to make it a well-rounded repository of information. I am also revamping and editing an experimental personal essay I’ve written about school shootings and wanting to be a teacher. The personal essay is already utilizing different types of media, as there are photos and links, and I will attempt to make it more interactive as well, using the platform of a Google Doc. Finally, I will be doing a more creative text to hopefully hit people in the feels. I will be choreographing a dance to a cover of the song “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People, which is about school shootings. The dance will be a visual narrative of an experience like this, and will hopefully turn out okay and offend nobody, though we all know that people on the internet are easily offended. I will also be putting photos from protests for gun control, links to slam poems, and blog posts from others involved with the issue on their thoughts and personal experiences.

The audience described above will view all of these pieces featured on the website I will create to showcase these pieces. However, many (if not all) of the pieces can be viewed individually on various platforms (YouTube, Google Docs, other websites, etc.) in addition to being viewed as a whole on this website.