Branding My Hamster (Not Literally)

I have a dwarf hamster (keep this low-low, my RA doesn’t know) named Wilbur. He is a cute small fur ball. His life is 90% sleep, 80% RUN. For my Transmedia Package, I am going to create a media empire for Wilbur.

Wilbur’s audience is anyone who likes pure wholesome internet content and/or hamsters.

To start, I’m thinking he should probably have an Instagram so his future fans will have a way to get updates on his life semi-regularly. I would also like to create some sort of fantasy comic/graphic novel in which Wilbur goes on a wild adventure. For my 3rd medium, I would like to make a video starring Wilbur. I am considering a documentary-style video but this may change.

For tools, I will be mostly using my phone and my camera to gather images/videos. I will also need some sort of video editing software, Photoshop, and whatever I use to make my comic.

The main platform for this project will be Wilbur’s Instagram account. I will link to any outside media – for example, if I separately publish the video on YouTube, there will be an Instagram post with a teaser for said video and include where to find the full version.

Classmates have said this is a cute idea! They are excited to see more of Wilbur (sounds like he already has a few fans!)