Transmedia Project Pitch

For my transmedia package project, I am going to create a fake news report about the death of Bob in the Outsiders. I am going to write a news report about them finding a dead body, what they presumed happened, state the suspects are still at large, etc. I would cite interviews with other characters in the story (Cherry, Bob’s parents and possibly Darry). This is going to mimic the type of reports on the New York Times website. On their website, they sometimes include the audio for 911 phone calls, transcripts, images, and more. The purpose of this project is to explore a different side of The Outsiders that hasn’t been explored. This was a bit of a gap in the storyline, and I think it would be interested to write a crime report about the death of Bob/set out a hunt for the characters. It also defies time because the book takes place in 1965, so this technology wouldn’t have existed. I want to take this story that supposed to have happened so long ago and make it more modern by making a website for a news company and include audio, images, and text.  The primary audience of this project are fans of The Outsiders because they would be the ones who are the most invested in this other view of the story. The project would be more platform dependent because I would be using a website to create it so it wouldn’t be immediately accessible if people didn’t search for it, but people would be able to access it if I were to circulate the link on social media.