13. E-Portfolio

For my portfolio, like a few others have mentioned, I wasn’t really sure how related any of my projects were to be able to tie them together into a portfolio. After giving it a little thought, I think two thing that would definitely be able to work well together are my digital remix and the work I’m doing for my transmedia package.

For these two projects, they both involve taking something a little dated and maybe even a little forgotten, and turning them into something new and enabling them to attract a new audience. Doing this, my project could speak a lit about the importance of remembering the past and how it’s still something that’s important to us even if it’s not something we have to think about often. This reminded me of Yancey’s article when she said, “linking metaphors that would make the boundaries of space between
pieces disappear” (Yancey 131). Making this e-portfolio would tie together the past and the present and get rid of the gap that separates us.

I think that learning about e-portfolios is a great addition to what we learn in this class. While it’s something that at first I didn’t really know what I would need to do in order to make a portfolio, I think it’s something that could be very useful to the different majors in this class in the future. I know people who are in different fields who are encouraged to create e-portfolios to showcase their work to make themselves more marketable, but that’s not something that’s really been explained in courses I’ve had. Looking at it as a senior, I think this is something very useful for us to learn about. I’m interested in getting more used to e-portfolios and being able to use them in the future to showcase work.

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Work Cited:

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