13. E-Portfolio

An e-portfolio has been something that has come up a lot recently as I have been searching for jobs. There is always a section in the application that says: link to portfolio. I do not have a portfolio of my work, but if I did, I would want it to be compiled of the work I have done for my creative writing classes, as well as the work I have done for the GO Office because I have done a lot of versatile work that highlights my skills.

For this class specifically, the projects we have done for this class will be included in my portfolio. Hypertext will come into play because my portfolio will have my projects all linked to one place. I am proud of the three projects we have done so far (especially the transmedia package), and I think they reflect a lot of the work that has been done. It’ll show diversity because of how different my projects are. For example, the Wiki is mostly text and is used through WordPress. I was able to hyperlink and even mess with the HTML to imbed my images into the text. For my remix project, I used a social media platform that I do not use to tell a story in a different way than it is initially supposed to be read. The story is exactly the same, but it is more modern and digital than originally intended. Lastly, my transmedia package project is a website for a fake newspaper that tells the story of Bob’s death from The Outsiders. My portfolio will communicate what I have learned in this class and how my skills developed from project to project. My portfolio will reflect a semester’s worth of progress because I will show my understanding of the concepts and ideas used in class – what I have learned from them and how my understanding of digital publishing/digital media grew from assignment to assignment – including the blog posts.

I’m excited to make my e-portfolio for this class because this will help me understand how to make an effective and interactive e-portfolio. I will use the skills I learn from this project to create one like I described in the beginning of this post.

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