The final project for this class is an e-portfolio.  Initially, I was pretty sure I was sure what an e-portfolio was and what work it entailed.  I have assembled portfolio’s for three workshop classes before this class, so I feel like I’m pretty prepared to assemble this e-portfolio.

Kathleen Yancey defines a portfolio as “a metatext with seven defining features” (130).  Personally, there are four that I find most important.  She lists “collection”, “reflection”, “development”, “diversity” as defining features.  Collection, reflection and development are the three most important, I feel.  A portfolio requires a collection of texts, use of reflection to find the similarities and themes within the collected texts.  For a portfolio to be successful, the portfolio must demonstrate a sense of development, as well.

The works that will be collected for this portfolio, I assume will be my collection of non-blog post large assignments.  For example, I expect that the portfolio will consist of the remix & the transmedia package.  The reflective piece of the e-portfolio will detail my difficulty in creating the Transmedia package, and my inability to get my transmedia package quite how I want it to turn out.  The portfolio will showcase the fact that I have, over the semester, gotten better at translating texts into other mediums.  While not, excellent, I have certainly made progress.  The portfolio’s diversity will come in the form of the variety of media that these texts are found in, for example a Text Adventure.  The hypertextual element of this portfolio will lie within the texts that are collected for the portfolio.  The portfolio will a demonstrate my slow improvement in multimedia text publishing.  Comparing the remix to the Transmedia package will show that I have learned how to implement hypertextuality and interactivity within typically non-interactive texts.  It will show where exactly, my head was when I translated the text into a new medium, as it will affect what form I choose.


Word Count : 320

Yancey, Kathleen Blake. 1996. “Portfolio, Electronic, and the Links Between.”