15: My Reflection

When I first signed up for digital publishing, I had absolutely no idea what it would be about. I had originally thought that the class would be focused on teaching us HTML and different coding in order to actually publish our own content on a site we create (I have no idea why; that’s just what always came to mind).

The class was exceedingly different than what I originally expected. However, that’s a very good thing! I have absolutely no concept of HTML or coding, and I was scared that I would do horribly in the class as a result. This class exceeded my expectations by teaching me skills that are usable not just in digital publishing, but in any digital-based job, such as the ones I’m currently looking into.

My biggest takeaways from this class are the key concepts we learned. I enjoyed learning about algorithms, copyright, fair use, transmedia franchises, and many other terms that I believe will help me in my search for a job and in understanding the world of online content. I feel like I am better prepared to be both a media producer and consumer from my time in this class.

I’m hard-pressed to think of anything that I would change about this class. I really enjoyed the projects, blog posts, and major assignments. I’m also very glad that there was no required group work outside of class, as that is one of my least favorite things about some of my classes. If I really had to choose, I think I would incorporate more into the class about how to use WordPress or a website creator to actually make our own site. I’ve never used anything like Weebly or Wix before, so it was hard to get started on my ePortfolio. I think that giving us a chance to explore sites like these together in class would be a good way to get the final project started and to feel more confident about the content I’m creating for it.