15: Reflection

I took this class as a requirement (sorry, Dr. Lang). I hoped that it would have some material related to the hypertext project I had done and loved doing in the fall of junior year—that material was interesting and I hoped I would learn more about that, and hoped that there would be material related (at all) to what I was doing in my other courses.

The rhetoric material turned out to be really interesting, and connected well to my other courses! And we learned more about hypertext—more deeply, and more about the possibilities of print hypertext ancestors, which I was really interested in and had hoped to learn more about. I had expected us to learn about the internet, and we did, but I was surprised and excited to learn more about genre, rhetoric, and the different projects we did.

Those projects were my favorite part—the remix and transmedia projects in particular. I was really interested in the material on transmedia franchises, especially the “two minutes of film” Star Wars discussion and the accompanying conversation on what a transmedia project was. It never would have occurred to me to try to tell a story in that way, but I had fun working on that project, and on the remix one—that also never would have occurred to me. I’m not going to drop my fiction-writing plans, but both of those projects are the kinds of things I might like to keep working on in my free time, as a writing activity that doesn’t require hours of charging through a linear plot—a writing themed hobby, maybe?

As for changes—the ePortfolio has not been my favorite assignment—maybe it would have been easier to start it earlier in the semester/have the instructions earlier to start creating some pages/reflection as I went, so I could see later exactly where I had changed?