15: Reflection

Based on the survey that was taken before the semester started, I was expecting more projects directly relating to different programs. I thought that we might do a project specifically with photoshop, a project specifically with movie editing software, a project specifically with GarageBand, etc. I didn’t realize how much freedom we would get with the projects, or how large they would actually end up being.

I wish that we could have done more small projects in that way, such as creating a photo to post on some photo site, or using a specific text application to post on some blog, I don’t know. It definitely would have been fun for the whole class to use GarageBand, but that’s probably just the musician in me talking. I wish we could have had access to more programs and more instruction on how to use them, rather than just strenuous and monotonous readings about hypertext and multimodality.

I feel that my biggest takeaway from the class was my remix project, which pushed me to produce something I’ve wanted to create my entire life. In that sense, this class has been the most beneficial to my future goals. I wonder if others had a similar experience, allowing a dictated project to help them move forward with life goals. I know that I, as a person, find trouble doing things unless I am told, mainly because I don’t quite ever know what to do. Being told specifically what I need to do helps me to figure that out and organize my ambitions in such a way that is helpful. It’s one of the reasons I’m so scared to graduate: who is going to tell me what to do? My bills, maybe. I’m sure my landlord someday will tell me to shape up and pay rent, and that will launch me into a panic-induced rage of creativity. What a life!

Word count: 315