15: Reflection

When signing up for this class, I was expecting to have discussions on what digital publishing is, reading articles on the subject, and how digital publishing adapted and enhanced in today’s world. The class met and exceeded my expectations. I thought this would be a typically – lecture and listen type of class setting. I knew there were going to be projects, but I didn’t realize that we would be more creating our own work and making sense of them, rather than analyzing someone else’s. I really liked that we were given a lot of creative freedom in the projects. I think this really helped me understand the course topics and vocabulary because I had to actually apply it to my work. I also liked that the class was not lecture based on what digital publishing is and focused heavily on the readings. I believe the readings helped us shape our own ideas and aided in the classroom discussion, but they were not the core of the class. My biggest takeaway from this class is the skills that I have learned. I have never tried to make a website before, but for two out of four of the projects we were assigned, I used Wix to design and create a website. I also learned a lot of new terminology that I didn’t know about before, which will help me in the publishing field. Additionally, I never embedded information or used HTML before. Even though I am not an expert, that is something important in this field that I now have some knowledge about. The one thing I would change about the class is to have more time and discussion for the e-portfolio with our classmates.