15. Relfection

Having had publishing classes in the past, I think that I was prepared for what this class would be discussing because I was already familiar with a lot of digital genres. I think that as a senior about to graduate, I was hoping it would involve getting some marketable skills to use in the future. I do think that this expectation was met with some of the materials discussed in the class, especially with the portfolio. My biggest take away from this class is that you really need to stay up to date with what’s going on with digital publishing, because it’s something that constantly changing.

I think that if I could change something about the class I would like to see more practice using different software and more hands-on things like that. While all of the projects required to use different digital platforms, there was never really an explanation on how to do some more advanced things so you kind of had to go with what you already know. I do think that this would be hard to do because everyone has different skill levels coming into this, so it wouldn’t be fair to people coming in with those skills to hold them back.