15: The Final Post..


  • What were you expecting? (Learning, goals, outcomes)

I was expecting to learn about digital publishing, but more particularly about social media. I figured there would be some theoretical background work and that we would be creating our own digital work, but I guess I was thinking more “modern” than we went…

  • How we met expectations or nah?

Well, we never really touched on social media except for blogs, which is totally fine. However, I feel like blogs are less of a thing than social media (Instagram/Twitter/etc), so it would have been nice to spend a week or two on that. I was right about the theory (although I wasn’t too surprised by it).

  • Biggest Takeaway

That even though I like making videos the most, I can create some pretty cool digital texts and analyze the choices I made, even if I wasn’t thinking about those at the time…

One of my other takeaways was learning about/finding different programs to use to create different digital texts. Obviously, as a broadcasting major, I know how to use most of the Adobe Creative Suite, but I was able to use other programs in this class, which made it not only learning about digital publishing, but also the different programs used for digital publishing.

  • Something you would change

I think I would change the blog posts. I can understand why they are useful for comprehension sake, but I feel like they did not add a lot to my learning about digital publishing. I was just trying to do the assignment rather than having fun with a collective blog.

I like the ePortfolio (quite a bit actually), but I wish we didn’t have to put blog posts on it. I just don’t really like mine and they’re not the best representation of my writing skills…