Welcome to Digital Publishing & Blog Prompt 1

Welcome to Digital Publishing! This WordPress blog will serve as a hub for our reading and discussion this semester. I’ve added a page that outlines the posting requirements (this is also available to you in Blackboard). As the semester progresses, I’ll add more information here that will guide you in completing the course objectives. Here’s your first blog prompt!

Blog Prompt 1: Defining Digital Publishing

For your first post, I’d like you to spend some time outlining the work of a digital publisher. Draw on any of the reading we’ve encountered thus far, as well as any key terms you’ve picked up on so far. Use the following questions as a guide:

  • What does it mean to publish digitally?
  • What are some examples of digital texts you encounter regularly?
  • How is digital publishing similar to print publishing?
  • How is digital publishing different from print publishing?
  • What ideas or values have been challenged for you, so far?
  • What ideas or value have been affirme for you, so far?
  • How does multimodality relate to digital publishing? How does it relate to print publishing?

You don’t need answer all of these questions, but you can use them as a jumping off point for your post.

Remember: The first poster gets to start the conversation. All subsequent posters should read and refer to other posts in their own writing.

This blog requires you to use sources (i.e., the in-class readings), so it should also include in-text citations, signal phrases (“According to…” “Dr. Lang states..”), and a Works Cited.

This blog entry is due before our next class. Don’t forget that all blogs must include a final word count and a multimedia element, and all blogs must be “tagged” with key words (add these in the WordPress editor when you write the post). Your post should be at least 300 words.