6. Creative Commons

I went into Creative Commons not knowing what was going on, I then saw the search bar and just assume it was another search engine like google. Just like my fellow classmates I searched up a couple of words on Creative Commons more specifically Nicki Minaj and Overwatch. When I search Nicki Minaj I got fifteen high quality photos of the rap star however about three of the photos had nothing to do with Nicki Minaj which was slightly saddening. Then I searched up my favorite video game, Overwatch and I must say I was disappointed only two out of the twenty photos showed my beloved video game. This was especially surprising since the creator of Overwatch made a huge announcement earlier about a new character for the game. Hence, why I searched it up assuming a ton of results would show up on the site.

My search result for Overwatch

After using this site for about…two minutes not knowing what this was and by this point as someone who is known for my internet knowledge, I was missing my memes.  I need google to give me the memes I was looking for and not to mention what I did search up didn’t actually show up as well, as the fact that there were no videos on the site either. Then my eyes looked around an saw there was an about tab, still confused by the site, I clicked then  read the about page and  saw that the images seem to come from museums. Now that I knew what this site had to offered I just searched the color red. At first I got some photos that had the color red in it however, it slowly became just pictures of wolves and I’m not sure how that happened. So all in all in my opinion the relevancy of the site is questionable in the sense that what you search isn’t always what’s shown. In the end I think I will stick to google to get the proper memes I am always looking for and only go to Creative Commons when I want to be an intellectual who likes to see high quality pictures.

My search result of wolves

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