6: Creative Commons

I’ve had people recommend using Creative Commons to get pictures for different assignments before, but I’ve never actually used it until now. In the past I’ve just specified “creative commons” in with whatever I was searching on Google to avoid any copyright issues. Looking at the actual website for Creative Commons, I have to say that I definitely prefer avoiding it all together and just finding free use things on my own.

I searched Scotland when I looked through it, partly because of a separate project on Scotland but mostly because of Outlander. The images I got where what I would have expected from looking up Scotland, they were all really similar pictures of green fields and scenery with mist rolling over it. I never really look into flickr for images and go straight to Google Images, but I did like the ones from flickr much better, but that was probably the only thing I think I really gained from it.

I was really interested in the music from Soundcloud that came up. I found pages of songs from Celtic Druids when I was just expecting some of the more typical bagpipes, so I was really impressed with that. A lot of Scottish poetry came up in the search also, but a lot of it was very broad.

I narrowed my search down to Scottish Mythology and found better results from that. I think while Creative Commons is a great resource to have, I don’t think it’s very helpful if you don’t have a specific search because the results are too overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Having not looked at the website before this. I was really surprised by how it looked. It looked a little odd to me and I spent a while thinking that I had to have looked at the wrong website because it didn’t seem official enough.

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