7: Project 2 Pitch

My first idea was to create a video trailer for a collection of poems that I’ve written. The purpose of the trailer would be to promote the collection of poems. The audience would be people who enjoy reading poetry. I would use visual, aural, linguistic, and spatial modes in the video through the poem’s physical text, video, images, and audio. The video and images would display some of the images and themes of the poetry, while the audio would be a combination of narration of the poem and music.

My second idea was to create an interactive storybook for an old children’s story. I found a collection of French fairytales from the 1920s that was published by the Penn Publishing Company in Philadelphia in the public domain. Essentially, I would take the text from the story and find images, audio, and possibly video to add to it to create an interactive storyboard. The purpose would be to bring old, forgotten stories into a modern platform where they can be shared. The audience would be children and parents. I would use a combination of visual, aural, linguistic, and spatial modes through images, text, video, and audio.

My third idea is the idea that I am leaning most toward at the moment. I found a series of images from a book called Book of Life, which was written by Dr. Alesha Sivartha in 1898. The book includes a collection of images depicting human faces with words written all over them. I wanted to remix these images by changing the words to showcase common modern stereotypes. I would then turn the images into an interactive infographic, where each word is linked to text, images, or video that goes into more detail about why that word is considered a stereotype. The purpose of the infographic would be educational, and the audience would be the general population. I would use visual, linguistic, and spatial modes. Ideally, I’d like to include audio somehow through clips from film and TV.

Word count: 332

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