7: Ruining Music for the Masses

The original texts for our remix are lyrics and music for popular songs, put into the same or similar chord progressions, then made into a music video of some sort. This was our first and only idea (which Alex proposed to me before I even started thinking about what to do for this project), but below I will attempt to think of some other things that could be done. The purpose of this is to show similarities in popular music and the malleability of such common types of media.

As far as two separate remixes for Alex and I to submit for the same idea, we’re toying with the idea of doing two different presentation of all of these songs mashed together in different ways. Alex’s version would be the songs put together and mixed/spliced/transitioned based on the composition of the music, whereas my version would be the songs put together based on the transition of the words/lyrics. I think it would be really cool to do this these two different ways and compare them in the context of how it differently changes the texts and how it changes the audience of the original text/texts.

These, being two heads of the same beast (two parts of the same project) have pretty much the same media/modes, audience, and fairly similar purposes. The audience for both versions would be fans of (semi) modern popular music and fans of “mashups” of music as well. Different types of media used for them would be spoken word, musical performance, and video representation. The purpose for both is as mentioned above in the first paragraph.

As far as other potential ideas if we weren’t doing this, I would potentially have liked to make a “music video” for one of my poems, either like the video for the Sarah Blake poem that I talked about in a previous blog post, or one of my poems set to music composed or arranged or selected for it, which one of my friends has done before, which can be seen in the video below.


The last paragraph sounds like one idea but since it would be doing two separate and different things with the same source text, so I’m going to count them as two separate ideas.

Final word count: 377