Tattoos, Sheep, and Bicycle Safety: My 3 Ok-est Ideas

My three potential ideas for the remix project are as follows:

-I can create an erasure poem of “The Life and Adventures of James F. O’Connell, the Tattooed Man”, found on The Public Domain Review, and then write the erasure poem out with actual tattoos that people have received. This could either be using tattoos of the words themselves or tattoos of related significance (if the word is bird, I could find tattoo of a bird). The purpose of this assignment would be to bring older biographical works into the context of modern day tattoos, which people use to tell the story of their lives. The audience of this project would be tattoo fans and avid poetry readers. For this project, I’ll need numerous images of tattoos as well as a place to potentially hyperlink/cue the images to appear when clicked (probably a wix website).

-There is an article titled “Some Account of a Sheep Having a Monstrous Horn Growing from His Throat” on The Public Domain Review accompanied by a detailed drawing of the so-called sheep. I would attempt to take the text of the article and work it into the shape of the drawing. The purpose of this assignment would be to see how we associate texts with images through initial impressions. The audience of this could potentially be graphic designers. For this, I’ll need to find a platform that allows me to shape texts in nonconventional ways (I think InDesign allows that).

-There is a video on The Public Domain Review titled “One Got Fat: Bicycle Safety” in which all of the subjects of the video are wearing horrifying monkey masks. Everyone in the video end up getting into accidents to show why bicycle safety is important. This is where the remix would come in; I would attempt to turn the video into a horror trailer. The audience of this would be horror movie fans as the purpose of this assignment would be to change something slightly creepy but informational into a horror movie trailer. The platform this would be published on would probably be YouTube but I would need to find a program to splice the video in with different music and sounds.

As for which idea I will actually follow through with, I’ll probably choose the first one about the tattooed man; it’s the most interesting of them, but also is one of the more challenging ones. The sheep idea is a bit too simple and I’m not exactly sure how to make that digital while the bicycle safety vide is probably the most complicated and might be too much to do under a specific time limit.