9) My Remix: Photographs



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For the first time in a while, I am extremely happy with a project. I spent a lot of time (probably more than I should) making this into something I would be proud of. Using Genial.ly.com, I decided to remix a short short that I wrote last semester and turn it into an interactive series of images that resemble a slide show. The text is about about a woman who realizes she is unhappy with her life and how she is being treated. It is told through first person perspective as she walks past the photographs in her house while reminiscing on those times and discovering what is right for her and her daughter. I chose the text Photographs because I knew I could expand on it and play around with the idea of using many images in different ways. The audience for the remix is mostly teens and young adults, or anyone who is looking to read¬†fiction, but are also looking for an interactive experience as well. However, this remix is not long and therefore would not be suitable for an audience looking for longer interactive stories or novels. The purpose is to entertain, so I hope you enjoy what I’ve created!¬†

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