9: My Remix


My remix is a video that includes several clips from BBC’s programs, layered under clipped and rearranged commentary and sound effects from the Rio summer games of 2016, among other sports competitions. The humor is created by the way in which I combined the seriousness of the tone of sports casting together with cute videos of animals doing funny things. I also used formatting to enhance that humor, mostly with text, and, therefore, fonts. I chose Comic Sans to add to the parodic nature of the remix, because that particular font is generally designed and used for children, and, therefore, is often made fun of when used for anything else. Using that font, I crafted a knock-off of the symbolic Olympic rings, and I selected the colors to mimic those of the original design: blue, yellow, black, green, and red.

I did keep with the nature of the sports commentary I used; for example, I made sure to match up the synchronized swimming clip with marine mammals. By doing this, I make it easy for the viewer to tie all of the materials together easily, just the way I want them to. I also took the liberty to insert some music at the beginning and end of the video, and also between scenes. I used the instrumental track of Africa, by Toto, a popular song originally released in 1982. The catchy beat and incandescent lyrics have become, as I like to say, meme material within the past few years, and that is another audience I have targeted. Even though I only play instrumentals, the song is still easily recognizable, and will catch the ears of many meme-ers, along with, of course, people who unironically enjoy the artist and song.

I did have quite a bit of trouble making this video accessible for all of you. The file was too large to directly insert into this post, and I was also incapable of turning it in on BlackBoard. I uploaded it to YouTube, and ten seconds of it had the whole video blocked worldwide. (Dr Lang suggested we file a dispute of that this week, so there’s something interesting to look forward to). I finally discovered that I could upload it to a share drive, and provide you all with a downloadable link. Feel free to download the video if you would like to see it, using the link at the top of this post.