My Remix

For my remix, I took photos of cats from 1911 and turned them into memes. I actually found this a bit challenging because I’m not so much of a meme maker and a lot of these cats were creepy. I got the idea from the Public Domain Review because they related these pictures to LOLCat and Grumpy Cat. I thought it would be interesting to reimagine these cats as our modern day cat meme. In order to circulate these memes, I created an Instagram page for them and named it dunce_cat. The whole point of the project was to recreate these funny cat pictures into something that people today would actually find funny.

To make the memes I downloaded an app called mematic, which contained templates for all the traditional formats. I changed the pictures by cropping out their original borders and captions, then sent them to the meme creator. I found it difficult to put new captions on them because the caption depended on what was in the picture, which limited what I could do. I hope you all think the memes are funny, and if you want you can always follow the page I might continue posting.