The Remix of A Lifetime!

For my remix assignment I did something unlike anything else that has ever been done before, except for the two people I worked with who also did projects related to News Headlines. Shout out to Emily Dilworth¬†who basically did the same thing I did, but better and on a national scale, and Kay, who I think maybe came up with the idea in the first place. My project was to remix international news headlines about trump into an analysis of different country’s views on our leadership. This topic interested me, in part I think because of the challenge in place, of finding some new way of analyzing and using information from this incredibly old form in a much more modern way. Hopefully, with any luck, I have succeeded, despite my lack of aesthetic insight into how websites are designed. I tried to focus mainly on functionality since that was the one thing I could surely control. I added social media strips to the website in hopes that those who believe it is interesting will share their findings and spread my work through social media. My topic adding to the rhetoric surrounding Trump and his election, I believe, will also increase the work’s spreadability.

At last, this is my remix project, there are many like it, but this one is mine.