“RePOEposing Annabel Lee” – Transmedia Packaging Pitch

For this project, I plan to continue what I started in the Remix project by creating three new media projects based on “Annabel Lee”. I want to create an image, either a drawing or using Photoshop/Illustrator, of the landscape/setting of the poem (The Kingdom by the Sea). I will also create an animation of part of a stanza of the poem (That the wind cam out of a cloud, chilling and killing my Annabel Lee), so there will be an angry cloud that blows wind at this little figure on the ground, or something to that affect. The last piece will be a comic of the poem, so I will make a narrative interpretation through images and maybe some text.

The purpose of this project would be to create different interpretations of the poem and different pieces that could shape ones interpretation. As a whole, I want to make this poem more creative and visual, and something that somebody glancing at the piece could somewhat understand/relate to. (I hope this makes sense). Parts of this project will be to expand the mythos/story, and the comic will be a way to expand different interpretations.

The audience for this project would be people who enjoy poetry and social media, as all of these pieces could be distributed on social media. And maybe more, but I don’t know.

This will probably use the visual, spatial, gestural, and maybe linguistic mode. I don’t see any aural elements being in this project. The media I plan to use is Photoshop/Illustrator, AfterEffects and Animation, and Comic Life (probably).

This project will probably be access by Internet. I’m not sure yet.


Molly said the comic was a good idea. Thanks Molly.