The Pitch: My Transmedia Package

For my transmedia package project, I would like to use a silent horror film I’m currently working on as the jumping off point for my expansion. My horror film is focused on a cursed item and how to get rid of a curse and or stop demons from taking over control of your body. Most horror movies usually have twist endings or moments within the story when the viewers assume the protagonist is safe, but then the rug is puled from under us and we’re hit with a jump scare of some kind. Because of this element, I’m planning to create a chose your own adventure book online in which readers can decide their own fate. The book will be based off of my short film. The third portion of my transmedia package would be a WikiHow article on how to get rid or curses. Of course, this will not be factual and will be based on the plot of my movie.

The purpose of this project would be to entertain and not to educate people. I figure teenagers, young adults and college students would be more drawn towards something like this, and that’s who I’m targeting. My first step to creating this project is to revise the screenplay, film it, and then edit the footage. This way, I can make sure both the chose your own adventure book and the WikiHow article actually expand upon my movie.