There’s More, Pitches

I am going to make basically a conspiracy theory. For a while now I have been looking to make a science fiction piece about the first robotic president that references heavily the important changes that have happened in the world. I then want to make a series of posts around the internet that lead a reader through a collection of posts and webpages that are hard to move between written by someone who insists he can prove the story written and its author are from the future, and the author is actually originally an essayist/nonfiction writer who wrote about the president’s career.

I am going to use visual, textual, aural, spacial, and the other one I’m forgetting modes to create a heavily interactive experience that forces the user down a rabbit hole conspiracy of a work.

I am going to use my and friend’s social media for the original spread of the piece through facebook, twitter, and other sites maybe and then make the rest of the piece using reddit, other forums, wattpad, and the like to add characters and tell other story elements and add to the work as a whole, creating a conspiracy from scratch.

Let me know if this makes sense, I don’t really know how to explain it in its entirety.