Transmedia Package Pitch

My Transmedia package will centered around the same short story that my remix was centered around.  However, this will expand the universe even deeper than the remix already did.  In this story, a girl drops acid and has a hallucination about an elephant on her tapestry coming to life.  The package will consist of three media, the first of which being a video asking for help.  This video will be from the perspective of the girls mother, having now found out about her daughters drug use, asking a community for help.  Currently, the direction I am looking towards is the 2nd piece being a response to the 1st.  The 2nd piece is planned to be a response to the mother from a doctor, or medical professional on this website.  The post might link to a wiki, website or video giving an explanation or even an advertisement for the doctors practice.  Of course, there will be a disclaimer noting this is all for entertainment purposes, as so to not mislead unknowing readers.  The third section, I have yet to pin down.  The audience of this project will be anyone interested in the short story enough to dig deeper into this world as it forms around them.  The purpose is entirely personal, as I really enjoyed this story and I wanted to world build a little further.  A concern I have right now, is simply the interactivity.  In the 2nd piece, the interactivity would ideally lie within the fictitious sources the doctor will use to provide help.    The tools necessary for this project would be likely Youtube, or some sort of video software and Reddit (Or another blog, but Reddit feels most natural).