13) A Refined Collection

To begin compiling my e-portfolio, I will combine all of my texts onto one website to create a single hub it can be accessed from. This will allow for consistency of style, theme, and color, giving these diverse texts the feel of a collection.

Specifically, I plan to include my three projects from this class and the reflections on my remix and transmedia texts. This selection of work will allow me to feature both written and digital texts, showcasing how intricately connected the linguistic communication mode is with the aural, gestural, spatial, and temporal modes. Language is at the heart of nearly every text (digital and print) and so this eportfolio will highlight how the linguistic mode remains integral to storytelling, while also exploring how digital media can exceed traditional print storytelling, allowing a deeper user engagement and emotional connection with the text. The use of all these modes and media will create a type of hypertext within the portfolio, making “a collection open to multiple, cross-generic exhibits, a collection that can be read/written according to the reader’s intent” (Yancey 130).

The projects will be paired with “an intricately related set of documents, with multilayered, multiaudienced ‘reflective introductions’ targeted to different audiences” (Yancey 131). These reflective texts of the portfolio will guide the reader through this cross-genre exploration of digital storytelling methods, reflecting on the affordances and deficits of certain digital platforms (such as Wix and Genially) and media (such as playlists and maps and pictures). This reflection will “guide the reader through the portfolio and assist in its evaluation” (Yancey 130).

Unlike Jordyn and Vivian, I don’t believe I will include blog posts in my e-portfolio. These feel more like educational assignments than creative assignments to me, and so I don’t feel they are an accurate reflection of my progress this semester. I’d rather showcase assignments that allowed me to incorporate the readings into my design decisions and then talk about these choices and the success or failure thereof in the reflections.


Word Count: 334

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