13: e- Portfolios

I’m actually a little excited about immersing myself in the world of e-portfolios. I know some of my peers, like Emily are a bit standoffish when it comes to uploading their work online. I’m in the same boat, but I think that I am ready to come out of my shell a little more and show the world my work. I’ve been inspired by my other classmates, like Kes, who already have a version of an e-portfolio and are working on bettering the content they already have. I like the idea of having my portfolio as a website, but my only issue moving forward with our final project would be that I’m not sure what pieces of my work to include.

What got me worried about this was my reading of Kathleen Blake Yancey’s Portfolio, Electronic, and the Links Between. Yancey describes e-portfolios as, “metatext with seven defining features” (130). The features she includes are a “collection”, “reflection”, “development”, and “diversity” (130).  I don’t know if my work is up to this standard. Yes, I knew our final project was going to be a portfolio of some of the work we’ve completed in class. However, I wasn’t thinking about how my projects complimented one another when I was creating them. My digital genre wiki was about mental health app and my remix was about natural African-American hair. I don’t really know how I can tie those two together. I guess this means my portfolio will be diverse, but at the same time, I want my work to be related so that people who look at my portfolio know what my goals are and what I’m working towards professionally.

I’m thinking about adding my transmedia project, a few blog posts, and perhaps my digital genre wiki entry. I guess I should try to look over my projects and see how I can tie them all together so that they support my goal of becoming a better storyteller via digital media like television and cinema.

Word Count: 333

Work Cited:  Yancey, Kathleen Blake. “Portfolio, Electronic, and the Links Between.” Computers and Composition, 1996, p. 129-133.