13. Digital Portfolio

For my portfolio I will most likely be including my dating simulator knowledge since I’m known for that. I will also like to included my music medley since I work pretty hard on that one and this last project has been a lot of fun.  As for text to be included in my portfolio I’m not too sure I’m taking two other classes that have me read a lot and to be honest the readings are all beginning to blend in. Therefore, I’m probably gonna have to reread some of the stuff from this class. The ideas, challenges, triumphs that I will include in the reflective text probably the processes of of these last two projects. The remix was fun to work on and this transmedia project is a bit more tricky but overall it is fun to work on. I’m proud of the results and I think the process of working on these projects was a time so why shouldn’t I include it in the portfolio. As for development I’m not too sure what that means I going to ask you in class hopefully if I remember. My portfolio will communicate the creative and funnier sides of the internet since as I’ve said before in class I am internet trash. As in I known how to find the funnier sides of the internet and remember a lot of memes. What my portfolio will evaluate actually I’m not sure again I should ask in class if I remember. Hypertext will contribute to my portfolio by letting me reference my other works and link to it in the portfolio. I think my portfolio will show my growth in this class since on the first project I didn’t do so well but the second one I did way better and I’m thinking this transmedia project will be great as well. I’d refer to my progress in this class as rags to riches.

Final Word Count: 320