6: Remix Pitch

My best idea for the project is an interactive map of St. Petersburg, Russia. I would have a map with markers where I could have my own images from my semester there with my own travel notes/bits of nonfiction about experiences and what it’s like. I would have liked to find something like that before I went there, so maybe the audience would be people interested in travel writing or Russia; the purpose would be to share the experiences I had and things I learned with other people. I would probably use this website to create the map and add text and images. I would be using visual, linguistic, and spatial modes, and possibly aural as well, if I can find some background music or noises.

My other two ideas I’m less excited about, but could be interesting. One would be to create an interactive map as a remix of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night—to break up the story by location as part of an image. The purpose would be to make the play more accessible and the audience would be people interesting in or learning about the play. This would be at least visual, linguistic, and spatial modes.

My last idea is a create-your-own adventure text—a create your own Shakespeare type thing—with elements from different plays combined into one story (in a not-particularly-artful form, like you’re shipwrecked on an island—do you A) go explore what’s around you [an option from Twelfth Night] or B) begin colonizing the area [an option from The Tempest]). This would be mostly a linguistic mode. It would be a remix of the plays and provide options for the viewer to play with.