7. My Remix Pitch

I had a few ideas for a remix but in the end I decided to combine the audio from an advertisement for oil with the video from a nature documentary. This would serve to highlight the irony of propaganda when compared to reality. Its audience would be young people interested in environmental activism. I would use the video editing software Filmora to combine the video and audio. I would post it on YouTube. I chose this idea because it seemed to be the more interesting one to the people I talked to. It was also more topical than my other options, and more relevant to a wider audience. My own story has never been published so only I am invested in it, and memes are still niche, and older generations have no idea how to interpret them.

My other two ideas were:

a comic about one of my short stories “Zombie” because it uses a visual metaphor and comparing the comic and the original story would illustrate how the two mediums handled the same story differently. I would draw the comic in a sketchbook and scan it in, then post it as a gallery on Facebook or Twitter. It would have to be an excerpt for time purposes.

Converting old jokes into modern meme formats to illustrate how humor has changed very little over the years. They would be a combination of text and images. The audience would be young people and those interested in history. I would post them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as a gallery or pinboard.