Remix Ideas

My first idea is to take a short story that I wrote and turn it into a Twitter thread. A twitter thread is when someone posts a series of tweets that tell a story. I do not have a twitter myself, but I see these crazy threads all the time posted on Instagram. They seem to get a lot of views and likes (depending on the story it is), but it is something that was/is popular on Twitter. The purpose is to re-tell the story in a different way. Twitter threads combine text and gifs to tell the story. The audience is people on twitter who like reading the threads and the medium would be Twitter.

My second idea is remixing Johnny’s letter to Ponyboy in The Outsiders to a text message. The purpose of this is to relate an old method of communication (a letter) to a new one (text message). The audience of this idea would be millennials and younger generations who don’t really use letters as a method of communication anymore. Also, the audience would be fans of The Outsiders because this is a particular thing from the book. The mode I would use for this idea is Canva – a design website. They have templates of iPhones and it would be easy for me to re-create what a screen looks like.

My third idea is changing the lyrics to “An Open Letter” from the album The Hamilton Mixtape to fit the current president. The purpose is to relate something that is supposed to be about an old president and remix it to fit the current one. The audience for this remix would be people who aren’t fans of the current president. My remix wouldn’t be as explicit/blatant as the original song, but still relate to it. The mode would be some type of video/audio service, possibly Youtube, and I would need an instrumental version of the song and a way of recording a new voice to sing the song.

Word Count: 332