9: My Remix Project

For my Remix Project I ended up going with my third idea which was to remix the collection of images I found in the public domain. I created a Wix website to house my images, which I transformed from their original 1898 print versions into interactive photos about modern day stereotypes. The original texts are actually what inspired my remix. I was interested in playing around with how I could essentially update the words on the original versions to accommodate current culture. Each new word links to an article, video, or photo that provides more information about the stereotype.

My interactive photos are meant to educate people about modern stereotypes and their origins and consequences. My audience is anyone who has access to the internet that may stumble upon my website, but particularly people who are interested in stereotypes and learning more about them.

As this project is a website, it can be circulated and distributed on a wide range of platforms. The link is easily shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. The website has been published online, so it is a real and available resource to those who may stumble upon it on the world wide web. Theoretically, I could also pitch it to campaigns and organizations for stereotype education and awareness as an educational tool they could use to help their efforts.