9: My Remix Project

For my project, I remixed three texts: Fifty Shades of Grey, a #MeToo story, and a quiz I found comparing Fifty Shades to a #MeToo experience. I chose these texts to highlight the ways in which Fifty Shades does not show a healthy BDSM relationship, but rather it portrays abuse quite similar to real stories of partner abuse. I found an online quiz that attempted to portray this, but I thought that it was not as effective as it could be due to the lack of actual quotations from the book, so I created my own.

My audience for this quiz is primarily women who are interested in reading Fifty Shades and who see Christian Grey as a dream partner, although I think it is effective at showing the normalization of abuse within media to anyone of any gender, even if they are not interested in Fifty Shades specifically.

If I were to circulate this quiz, I would ideally contact a media site like Buzzfeed or Cosmo who already produces a lot of content and quizzes about media and sex. However, as this is not very realistic, I would probably put the link for the quiz on a site like Facebook so it could be spread among my friends and family and perhaps later see a larger audience through sharing it.