My Pitch!

The idea for my project is to tell a story through a few forms of media. The basic synopsis would be (this is highly specific) that there’s a discovery of an 11th century castle and research done on the stuff found there. You would find this story through (fictional) Wikipedia pages, interviews, reviews of the published research, TV trailers, news articles about the find (I need to pare the scale of this down a little, but I’ll work on that as I go–I’ll decide what’s most important as I develop the idea further). The purpose would be to tell a fictional story; the audience would internet would be people who like online stories, most likely teenagers or college students.

I think I would house all of this on a Weebly page (because that’s the website builder I know how to use). I think, if I’m really ambitious, I could try to make a movie trailer—I’m a little blurry on how to do this, and might end up doing something more like one of the Buzzfeed posts analyzing every frame of a trailer, using still images, which would still use multiple modes (images and text). I picture the audience being able to click around through the site to find the points of the story that interest them (a fictional interview might provide a link to a similar interview, or may provide a link to a book, which might provide a link to another book…) and that providing the interactivity.