My Pitch

For my transmedia project, I would like to create a series of three songs, videos that correspond to those songs, and a written short-story to go along with them. The songs/videos will tell a story that is deep and compelling, and the three will be very connected. (But possibly with different characters? See: The Lumineers’s Sleep On the Floor, Angela, and Cleopatra video trio). The short story will branch off of them, providing more context for the songs/videos, but not necessary in understanding them.

The purpose would simply be to entertain and to make listeners, viewers, and readers feel something. The audience would likely be people who like things, generally, and especially those who enjoy my style of music, which is sort of indie-alternative. In order to do this project, I would need my usual music-making gear, such as my guitar and microphone and GarageBand, but I would also need a fancy video camera to record video of it. I would also need some subjects to volunteer to be the characters in the videos. I would upload the songs to Bandcamp, possibly as a short EP, and I would upload the videos to YouTube. The short story would be accessible as a PDF somewhere probably. Links would be everywhere, allowing the entire thing to be accessible easily.

I am probably insane, and in over my head, but it will be cool, hopefully. If worse comes to worse, I will use lyrics of songs I have already written that might connect nicely, and adding the music to make them songs will be the new aspect. But that is a last resort.