Postcard Pitch

My transmedia package will be based off of vintage postcards. For the past few years I’ve collected old postcards that have already been written out and sent, most of them are almost 100 years old. My plan is to take the images from the front of the postcards and redesign them someway, a lot of them are from specific cities so they could be used as advertising. I’m also interested in taking what’s been written on the postcards and create characters out of them and make ways from their lives to become intertwined somehow. Something else I’ve thought about if making the postcards interactive with historical facts, I have a lot of postcards from my hometown so this information would be relatively easy to get.

The audience for this would probably be a very specific group who also enjoys antiques and probably things that are a little weird. I’ve always had an interest in things like this that have already had some type of past life that can still be reused today, so I think that the purpose of this would be to maybe encourage other people to think about how the past lingers. I thought the best way to do this was to put it on a blog, but this could change.