13: E-Portfolio

I am interested to see how creating an e-portfolio will work for me, as I am not a huge fan of publishing my work digitally to begin with. I do think it will benefit me to have a digital space to keep all of my work though, so I am going into this process with an open mind.

I definitely plan on putting my remix and my transmedia projects into my portfolio, because I believe they’re my two best pieces of work. I also want to include these because not only do they show that I am versatile in my ability to create digital texts, but I believe they show how I’ve been able to progress throughout the semester, and showcase the skills I have either picked up or refined. for my reflection, I’d like to talk about my creative process for creating these digital texts and how I have changed and refined that process from my traditional print process to a digital process. I think hypertext will help with the navigation of my portfolio primarily. I plan to include hypertext to connect aspects of my projects to each other in my reflection. I also include hypertext within my projects that link to other sources where my audience can get more information if they need to.

Yancey states that the portfolio “documents diversity-both in its contents, which are various, and in its ability to show how different our students are, one to the next-individually, cognitively, culturally, institutionally” (Yancey 130). I am hoping my portfolio will be able to showcase both my individual style as well as unique content, both in relation to the vast library of digital texts and in relation to each other. Similar to Vicky, I don’t think I will include my blog posts in my portfolio because I feel like these posts weren’t entirely my own because we had to follow a prompt for the class rather than write about something that was interested to us. I fell like my portfolio should reflect my own creative work and not necessarily my academic work.

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