13) My Portfolio!

Throughout this semester we have done a lot of work in what both seems like a short amount of time, and a long time. I would definitely want to include my Remix project in my portfolio as it is the work I am most proud of for this class. Depending on how my Transmedia package turns out, I will most likely want to include that as well as a blog post or two. I agree with Vivian as she said in her post that “My portfolio would collect the three major projects that I have completed for this class, the reflections for each, and some of the blog posts that I have completed.” I would want to do the same and show off the variations of work I have completed throughout the semester, depending on how I feel the last project turns out.

Kathleen Yancey explains that “the portfolio is itself a hypertext: a collection open to multiple, cross-generic exhibits, a collection that can be read/written according to the reader’s intent” (Yancey). Given the opportunity, I would want to include at least two of the major projects we completed as well as a few blogs posts that I felt the most confident about. In the reflective text of my work I would include how I went about each, how each benefited my writing and the class, and what I have learned from each. I would talk about the ideas and the challenges I faced such as my struggle of finding resources or using certain technology properly. I would then include how I completed each and what the outcome was as well, which I believe were good and worthy of mentioning. 

In the portfolio I would create a table of contents with hyperlinks to link both to different areas of the portfolio as well as to the projects or blog posts. This will make the navigation easier for the reader, as well as myself, when putting the portfolio together. Most, if not all, of my materials are located on an online platform and therefore would be most easily accessible through a hyperlink. 

My portfolio would demonstrate the increasing amount of confidence and professionalism my work, and myself, have gained over the course of the semester. I would hope how it would show how I found a voice through my blog posts and how I gained a better understanding of the class through the completion of the different projects and assignments.

Yancey mentions that “portfolios represent a different way of construing the nature of curriculum and instruction” (Yancey). My portfolio would demonstrate diversity through the different projects I would include, which also demonstrate the different instruction and curriculum for each. I would include the Remix project for its use of entertainment and its fiction aspect, while the blog posts would demonstrate a certain purpose, sense of knowlege, and nonfiction elements.

The portfolio will communicate my style of writing and my willingness and ability to apply different texts and techniques into different projects and discussions. It will also communicate my growth throughout the class and as a writer in general, and will evaluate me on these skills as well. I would hope the portfolio as a whole will reflect my progress throughout the semester which has continuously improved my skills and knowlege of the topics we discussed.

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work cited:

Yancey, Kathleen Blake. “Portfolio, Electronic, and the Links Between.” Computers and Composition, 1996, p. 129-133.

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