13: E-portfolio

As many of the other blog posts this time around suggest, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t comprehend exactly how complex the making of a portfolio would be. I’m used to putting a portfolio together for the creative writing workshop classes that I am in, but as Kathleen Yancey talks about in her essay, “Portfolio, Electronic, and the Links Between”, “the portfolio is itself a hypertext: a collection open to multiple, cross-generic exhibits, a collection that can be read/written according to the reader’s intent” (Yancey 130). It’s going to be interesting to combine all of the multimedia work that I’ve created this semester into one e-portfolio.

As for what will be in the e-portfolio, I will be creating a table of contents as a sort of central hub that links to the different pieces and articles. I will definitely include my remix project and my transmedia project, for they are probably going to be the strongest of my pieces this semester. I’m still up in the air about including my digital genre wiki profile, but after we discuss the requirements in class, however, that will clear things up. I also plan on including some of my strongest blog posts, if not all.

My portfolio, with all of these included as well as the reflections, will show the growth of knowledge that I had this semester when it comes to digital publishing. It will also showcase my work across multiple media that I originally would never consider working in, such as Adobe AfterEffects and WordPress. In the reflections, I hope to add more context/information about the origin of each project and how the relationship between rhetoric, audience, genre, and multimedia work together for the final project.

Through this e-portfolio, I hope to promote a better understanding of how texts not only work digitally, but how they are created specifically for the digital realm. By doing this, I will be able to incorporate the readings and our in-class discussion to plan for upcoming projects, in or outside of the classroom.

Word Count: 338

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