13: e-Portfolio

Like Taj, I find myself a little concerned about my e-portfolio because I didn’t think much about how my projects in class complimented each other and I think I may find it hard to link them together. Those are the two pieces I am most proud of from this class, and the two I’m sure I want to include.

I know that my Wiki entry and blog posts are also work from the class that should be included, and I think, although I see almost no relationship between those and the later projects, that could be made to work. Yancey says that a portfolio “documents diversity” (130) and a large array of types of texts could make the portfolio better if they are connected through some type of theory.  I also wonder if my rhetorical rationales could be somewhat included in the reflection aspect of the portfolio? I think the one for the remix project, and my draft of one for the transmedia project, helped me figure out some of the ideas that I would include in a reflection,especially the areas where Yancey says that a portfolio should include “reflective letters, annotations on individual texts, and other contextualizing texts” (129). I think using ideas from these might help me track my development of creating digital texts—especially the process of learning to make texts that can only exist on the internet, which I think could be interesting to look at.

I think it can evaluate my projects for their successes or weaknesses as digital texts,  and that hypertext will allow me to link between different pieces of it to show the progress or examples. It could cover all the texts of the semester that way. I think I would like to have it as a website, although I’m not yet sure how to set it up.

Word Count: 319

Yancey, Kathleen Blake. “Portfolio, Electronic, and the Links Between.” Computers and Composition, 1996, p. 129-133.