11. Algorithms

April 10, 2018 Molly Aiudi 0

Questions: John R. Gallagher argues that students because are gearing their projects toward their teachers, that teachers need to be showing their students how to […]

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9: My Remix!

April 3, 2018 Hannah Feustle 0

Here’s the link! https://drive.google.com/open?id=198TezDWEWrJzx8vVMRpfK0MNnRfGugor&usp=sharing For my remix, I used photos and travel notes from my study abroad last year to create a travel writing essay […]

9) My Remix Project

March 31, 2018 Vicky Chatley 0

For my remix, I created an interactive hypertext version of Molly McCully Brown’s collection of poems, The Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded, choosing bits of writing […]