13: Portfolios

April 24, 2018 Emily Gibbs 0

I have never created an e-portfolio before and I think Kathleen Blake Yancey’s article helped me start considering what one would look like and how […]

13. Digital Portfolio

April 24, 2018 gayoso 0

For my portfolio I will most likely be including my dating simulator knowledge since I’m known for that. I will also like to included my […]

13: Portfolios

April 23, 2018 Kes Baker 0

For our final project, we will be creating an e-Portfolio of our work in this class. I am excited about putting this together and learning […]

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13: Electronic Portfolios

April 23, 2018 millerch 0

I’m used to putting together portfolios in the context of creative writing classes, so I’ve found it interesting to think about how the process of […]