Two Pitches, One Project

My number one most okayest idea is to create a website or digital text of some sort that looks at different interpretations around the world of the Trump campaign and inauguration. Throughout the world, responses were varied and it is this varying of thought about the event that my project seeks to analyze and make meaning of. By creating an interactive map of sorts with links to articles from around the world on Trump, I want to show an audience the difference in the way many view him. In politics within the country, he is either a hero or a villain. I want to help people search to see whether or not this concept translates to journalism and response from other states. The audience for this piece, though unwieldy and unlikely to work well, will be people with an interest in international relations and journalistic integrity as it is interpreted in different countries.

My second idea is not well thought out, but it would be to create some kind of digital text that analyzes moderate viewpoints in America and gives a platform for politicians that hold these views. The purpose of this project will be to show citizens of the US, senators, governors, and other elected officials that are dedicated to bipartisanship in at least one political issue to break the current belief that there are only two sides, two teams that need to be fought for against the other rather than working together.  I may call it “The Moderate Maker”. The audience would be Americans that are fed up and sick of fighting with others, and want to find a solution to current issues that do not involve the oppression and silencing of the opposing view.

Both of these projects will require pretty much every mode but aural, with aural still being useful as a mode if desired. Likely, in either case, I’ll end up creating a website that holds the information with hyperlinks to locations that the information comes from. Overall, I am panicking at the amount of work the second project would need, and my general lack of interest in the first. That said, I signed up for this class expecting a challenge! So… I’ll do my best.