My Transmedia Pitch

For my transmedia project, I am going to focus on more educational nonfiction than fiction. I am currently interning with a non-profit organization called Deaf Open World (DOW). This organization works with deaf students in Swaziland. I would like to do some PR-type stuff for the organization, and make a variety of media to tell the “story” of these students who are benefitting from DOW’s efforts. I plan on making a photo essay, a social media account (I’m leaning towards Instagram but haven’t settled yet), and an interactive brochure. The purpose of this project is to educate people about DOW’s efforts and the current educational policies in Swaziland that affect deaf students.

Each piece will have a slightly different audience. The photo essay will be geared more towards a general audience, where anyone can look at it to gain more information about the organization, the students who are being helped by it, and some general information about the education systems in Swaziland. The social media account will be geared more towards a younger audience. I plan to link some of the student’s social media accounts to the DOW account so that hopefully they can have conversations with people who see the DOW account and are interested in learning more from their perspective. The interactive brochure will be geared towards potential donors and professionals interested in DOW as an organization or a business. This piece of the project will be a combination of an advertisement and a pitch to get people to want to be involved with DOW from a business standpoint.

I plan on housing all three of these pieces of my project on the Deaf Open World website, where they can be seen both individually and together to promote the organization. This way I can circulate each of the pieces of the project individually or as a whole by linking to the website.

Word count: 314