Transmedia Pitch

For my transmedia package, I will be expanding the life of Dunce Cat. I was not aware that Dunce Cat was so well liked, so when everyone told me they wanted more I was thrilled. I never thought Dunce Cat would ever go beyond memes, but why not? For the package, I will create Dunce Cat into an actual character. He will have his own twitter account, maybe a comic, a blog, and hopefully some kind of merchandise. I think I will model it after Grumpy Cat or other memes that became more than just memes.

My audience will most likely be anyone that loves cats and/or memes. I will probably market towards people around my age and those slightly younger or older. The purpose is to entertain through humor. Hopefully, people will find joy from Dunce Cat as he becomes a new character. To create the project I’ll obviously use twitter and a website creator for the blog. I’m not exactly sure how I’ll create a comic, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out. For the merchandise, if I make some, someone gave me the idea to use Redbubble. I use Redbubble all the time, so I’m excited about that idea. I can’t wait to expand the world of Dunce Cat even more, and I’m curious as to how it will turn out.