15: Reflection

Going into this course, I assumed it was going to be a more in-depth and more digital version of the ideas we talked about in Intro to Publishing in the fall. Although it was (to a certain degree), I feel like I got a lot more ideas from this class than I originally thought I would. I think taking Intro to Publishing was a great background class for this one, because it not only gave me a lot of vocabulary that we used in this class, it also allowed me to become familiar with the way Dr. Lang runs her classes. I knew what to expect coming into the course, which helped me avoid being shocked from the dense readings and large projects.

This class met my expectations because it allowed me to gain many digital publishing skills, as well as begin to start thinking like a digital publisher. I liked the projects and the way they were connected to the things we were reading about, though I think they were a heavy workload for a single class. I would do away with the wiki project. Compared to the other projects in the class, the wiki didn’t really give me anything new to think about. Maybe this is because I had already become familiar with writing a wiki from the other course? I’m not sure, but it definitely didn’t hold as much weight as far as complimenting the curriculum goes, which I thought the remix and trans media projects did very well.

Overall I feel like this class was a great resource to have under my belt, both as a Publishing & Editing major and a budding professional. This course allowed me to think critically about the content that is already in the digital publishing industry and also add my own work to this universe. The real application of the projects definitely helped me to solidify my knowledge and understanding of the curriculum. Thanks for a great semester!